May 18, 2006

Factuur Bright X

Posted in Mac OS X at 10:41 am by intermediatemacintosh

Factuur Bright X by Mountain Rose Multi Media.

Just what I need, a program that can email invoices, track who has paid, and send dunning notices to people that are late. In addition, I need a history of payments so that I can research questions that occasionally come up.

This is a brand new program, and a bit rough around the edges at first glance. For example, some of the paragraphs in the documentation did not get translated to English.

And it’s written in Real Basic, so there are no normal menu items. The application window has a toolbar, and you use that to work in the different modes.

However my customers won’t know all of this, so if it works, I’m more than happy to ante up the $35.00

* Can’t copy and paste my SMTP user name and password.
* Support forum is in Dutch (or perhaps German), but it’s definitely not English.
* Have to show Tax column even when you don’t want to.
* Wording and concepts are oriented towards Europe, not USA, which makes the invoice look awkward at best.

What I really need
* Ability to put the client id into the invoice, so my clients can include that with the payment.
* Need to have starting and ending date of the service in each line item, so I would prefer a separate field for these values.

I’ve seen enough to disqualify Factuur Bright X for my purposes, but I wish these developers success in fulfilling this market niche.


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