May 11, 2006

Dot Mac Syncing Problems

Posted in Mac OS X at 12:01 am by intermediatemacintosh

It’s a great idea, if it would only work for me.

I have 3 computers I want to keep in sync with Address Book, iCal, and Yojimbo. Frequently I get

There was a problem with the sync operation.
.Mac Login failed

Worser problems has been when some of my data gets duplicated, and the worsest problem was when my data was getting deleted.

I’m running the latest and greatest Mac OS X Tiger on all my machines, although for a short while I may have been shooting myself in the foot. When the 10.4.6 upgrade came out, it mentioned removing old sync plugins. That did not quite penetrate my skull, as I did have a Mark/Space Palm plugin installed, but was not using it.

So that is now cleared out, thanks to a small script from Nova Media.

So I’m starting from scratch, and documenting things as they happen.

Well, I got some things synced up, but have learned that not all data is transferred. For instance, the Address Book Department field does not transfer. Does not appear to be in the Dot Mac version of data, and certainly did not make it over to my other Macintosh.



  1. Liz said,

    hi, I too am experiencing problems syncing .mac… works for me at home but not at work and nobody in the IT dept can help me. I’m running 10.4.8. Any ideas? Which Nova Media prodict did you buy?

  2. How do you sync your iCal stuff with anything else? Can you email it? Can you send it to the telephone vie bluetooth? Can you sync it with YAHOO or GOOGLE calendars? Anything FREE?

    I can easily make an appt on the phone and send it to the mac, but I can’t go the other way around. At least I don’t know how.




  3. raj said,

    I am having the exact problem with .mac- and i use both yojimbo and markspace missing sync for palm. did you manage to fix the problem?

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