April 24, 2006

Del.icio.us Bookmarks

Posted in Mac OS X at 2:47 am by intermediatemacintosh

I never bookmarked many sites because I could not manage all the bookmarks that accumulated. So I was an early adopter of Delicious because the tags allowed me to pour bookmarks in, with a minimum of effort. And then ferret things out later on when I needed the data. And the fact that Delicious hosted the data on their server, allowed me to bookmark at home and access the data from the office with no effort.

I’m not the only fan of Delicious and several Macintosh tools have sprouted to scratch other people’s itch. One of the first was Cocoalicious which provided a three panel view of all the bookmarks you accumulate.

Delibar is an application that lives on the Apple Menubar, and displays your Delicious bookmarks. Pukka makes it easier and faster to get your bookmarks into Delicious, as you don’t have to wait around for the Delicious server to respond, but can let Pukka handle things for you in the background.

Along these lines, I’ve bought SiteTagger because I just don’t like the idea of storing my private data in public places like Delicious/Yahoo. However I haven’t really used SiteTagger because I need to keep my bookmarks synced up between two computers, and having them stored at Delicious solves the problem with no effort. Now if SiteTagger got a good sync using Dot Mac going, then I’d give it a real close second look. Actually I’m willing to buy and use just about any program that keeps my computers in sync.

Today’s mission with Delicious is to get it back under control, at least a little bit. Delicious says I have 1,430 bookmarks. Not sure how many of them have turned into 404’s. And I have the usual problem of tagging something with blog one time, and blogs the next time.

I’ve got a couple handful of bookmarks where things got tagged with asteriks or horrible misspellings which I don’t even recognize any more. And who knows how many of these bookmarks I’d just as soon drop, although I’m not sure I want to spend a lot of time figuring this out.

I’m starting with SiteTagger, and it easily imports all of my Delicious bookmarks. It has a column for FavIcon, but unfortunately its showing the Delicious Favicon, not the Favicon from the bookmarked site. So having a column of the same Delicious icon is useless.
SiteTagger has an option of validating all the bookmarks

What SiteTagger does not allow me to do is to export by cleaned up bookmarks back to Delicious, although I see that Delicious does have an import capability, so maybe I can work something out.

I see where Delicious has the capability of mass changing the names of tags, so that should make it easy to clean things up.


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