March 11, 2006

Our Man Flint

Posted in Mac OS X at 6:13 am by intermediatemacintosh

I’m old enough to remember the name of that old TV show, but not much else.

In this case Flint is a $20 option to Tinderbox that is supposed to facilitate blogging.

At the moment I’m blogging in Ecto. But after having Ecto delete a bunch of my posts and be unable to handle a change in my blog host, it’s time to move on. My concept of blogging is that whatever I write is mine, and I want to keep it forever. And from time to time, I’m going to change hosts, and will need to re-upload all my items to the new host.

However neither Ecto nor Marsedit subscribe to that viewpoint. Their job is to help you get your post uploaded, and they assume that you are always going to be on the same blog host.


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