March 11, 2006

Fast Scripts by Red Sweater Software

Posted in Mac OS X at 6:14 am by intermediatemacintosh

FastScripts is a Apple Script add on from Red Sweater Software. I don’t quite understand what is supposed to do for a Applescript novice like myself, but that didn’t keep me from buying it, even though there is a free version available too.

My main use of Applescript on a daily basis is to fire off an Applescript that connects to a handful of servers via SSH. I’ve never been able to get Quicksilver to index and launch that script. Something to do with it not being in the right location for Quicksilver.

I do see where the Fastscripts menu item knows about that script, or at least the alias to that script. However it launches the script and never stops long enough for me to type in my password. When I double click on the script, it asks me for my passphrase and then opens up a session for each SSH connection.

Seems like a reasonable request so let me see if Red Sweater has any support.

Yes, Red Sweater has very good support, as Daniel answered my query on the forum within minutes.

Upon checking my facts, I learned that my script is actually two scripts. A shell script that launches ssh-add to get the ssh environment going, and then an Applescript to do the actual connection.

However, Daniel said that Fast Scripts should also handle shell scripts and after I sent him the scripts, he concluded that FastScripts could not help me at this time, as it has no way of capturing control when my shell script forks off the ssh-add.

Fair enough.

Daniel pointed out that the shell script could be re-written to pop up a dialog box and ask for the information that way.

But what I really need to happen is for Quicksilver to find and open this program.


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