March 11, 2006

Domain Name Databases

Posted in Mac OS X at 6:13 am by intermediatemacintosh

If you have more than a handful of domain names, you probably keep that information in a spreadsheet or database. I’ve got both a FM Pro database and a spreadsheet with the facts for about 60 domain names that I’m in charge of. 10 or 15 of them mine, and the rest friends and paying clients. I import/export the data from time to time to keep both systems in sync.

Besides knowing which domain names you are in charge of, the date it expires is the most critical fact. And for me, that has always been filled in by hand, and thus subject to mistakes.

Recently I ran across Master of my Domain and after researching VersionTracker and MacUpdate, I also found DomainTracker.

These are both specialized databases for domain names, with the key fact for me is that they automatically get the expiration data from the registrar. So I would not have to worry about dates being wrong.

DomainTracker seemed to have more positive comments so I downloaded the trial version and loaded in 5 different domain names, which is the limit for this shareware. Pushing an Update button, and 1 minute later I had the key facts like which Registrar and when it expires. So I sent off my $25 and waited for my license.

In the meantime, I tried a few more domain names, and found that it was not picking up data for us domain names, nor net domain names. So I took a peek at Master of my Domain, and was able to rationalize spending another $18 for it’s license.

The first thing I notice about MOMD is that I have to add my domains one by one, copying and pasting. Since most people that that need this software already have a list of domain names to import, that seems like a major oversight. And I mean how hard can it be to import a text file of domain names ?

The second thing I notice after a few minutes of copying and pasting is that you can only update the WHOIS data one by one. You should be able to select an option and have all the domain names updated at once.



  1. buzzzed said,

    mac users desperately need something along the lines of ‘affiliate organizer’

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