December 31, 2005

iCal to Email

Posted in Mac OS X at 12:07 am by intermediatemacintosh

I was recently asked to send out a reminder email for a bi-weekly conference call, and I thought iCal should be able to do this.

It is able to send out an email when you first set up a calendar event. You simply fill in the Attendees field with as many people as you want. These addresses need to be in your Address Book.

However, I don’t see how this is going to help me with recurring events.

So some research through Versiontracker turned up iCalMail by Chris Shull.

This is an Applescript which puts the event name into the Subject line, the attendee’s email address in the To line, and the event note into the body of the email. It is sent out via Apple Mail, and picks the top most account if you have multiple Mail accounts. It would be nice to have which email address to mail from be an option when setting up the program.

I also stumbled upon Crm4Mac, which is a customer relationship manager, using Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book. Your data stays in these Apple core applications, and Crm4Mac gives you an integrated view of your data.

I’m not sure I need a customer relationship manager, but I am willing to admit that using my email reader as my main organization and archival tool is haphazard at best. Especially as I have two main email addresses, and use Mailsmith for one address and Eudora for another. Not to mention a few other email addresses that I use Apple Mail for.

So I will be giving some thought to using Crm4mac in the future.


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