December 30, 2005

Change BBEdit Line Endings

Posted in Mac OS X at 12:07 pm by intermediatemacintosh

I’ve been using BBEdit for at least the past 10 years, and I have a couple thousand files that have the classic Macintosh line endings of CR.
Now that I’m on OS X, and especially since I frequently copy files to my Linux servers, using the default Unix line endings of LF makes more sense.
Now, how do I convert these files ?
BBEdit has a toolbar menu that lets me toggle between DOS, Macintosh and Unix. That works fine for one file, but not for 2,000.
I’m aware of an open source program called flip, which converts files the same way. It can work folder by folder, and is smart enough to ignore binary files.
Using Automator with BBEdit is perhaps another possibility.
Let me first check the BBEdit archives and see what other people have done to solve this problem.
By George, I search the FAQ for endings, and up pops this answer
If you have a large number of files which you need to convert from one line ending type to another, your best option is probably to use the third party utility named TextToMac (freeware). You’ll find this on your BBEdit CD and it can also be downloaded from our ftp site:


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