May 1, 2005

Installing RSnapShot

Posted in Mac OS X at 12:07 pm by intermediatemacintosh

rsnapshot is utility that creates a backup that can contain different versions of your files as they change over time, while taking a minimum amount of disk space.
I probably need this more than the mirroring done by RAID, as I’m frequently looking for previous versions of files that I’ve changed. While BBEdit has a feature that creates incremental backups of files changed by BBEdit, it doesn’t help when I’m using other packages. Like this Ecto package for instance, where I’m missing some blogs entries. I deleted one of my WordPress blogs, and then next time I synced up with Ecto, it decided to delete them from Ecto too. Now I’m not sure if I have/had something misconfigured or that’s the way it’s supposed to work.
So I’m getting rsnapshot set up now for the next time I shoot myself in the foot.
rsnapshot is written in Perl, and takes advantage of the Unix filesystem structure to allow the same file to be pointed to from many angles. Rsync is the utility that does the work of copying files. Where I get confused is what’s the difference between the Rsync that Apple ships and RsyncX ? I understand that Rsync needs modified to handle the resource forks that are unique to Macintosh files.
So I think I’ll install the DarwinPorts version which should know and understand what needs to be done. So let me detour to Darwinports first.


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