February 14, 2005

Dot Mac

Posted in Mac OS X at 12:06 pm by intermediatemacintosh

Signed up for a trial account at http://www.mac.com. This is Apple’s web site, and they have a lot of little features that might add up to be worth the $100 a year they charge. Used to be able to get the same thing for $80 from smalldog.com. Doesn’t look like that’s available anymore – http://www.smalldog.com/product/12653455

Although Small Dog does offer a class on Dot Mac if you buy your membership there – http://www.smalldog.com/product/33287/atdealsearch/

Syncing between my desktop and powerbook is the primary reason I’m interested. The mac sync program handles Address Book, Ical, and Safari bookmarks. Netnewswire uses dot mac to allow me to keep my subscriptions and which messages I’ve read in syc.

It comes with a backup program (not available on the trial version) so that I can back up to their iDisk, or more importantly, to a DVD. Another backup program can’t hurt, although I already have Retrospect, Impression, Super Duper, and Carbon Copy.

I think I need a dot mac account to take advantage of the iChat/iSight combination, and I bought a used iSight off of Ebay this week.

After setting up the account, I need to put that information into the System Preferences:.Mac screen. Not exactly sure what that gets me.




http://www.14k4.com/Mac/ – .Mac Buddy Central


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